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Introducing the first six of the world's Top-Twenty authorities on Lean & Six Sigma

Norman Bodek, President
& CEO, PCS Press

Forrest Breyfogle, Smarter
Solutions, Inc., President & CEO
Winner of LSS Best Speaker Award in 2010 and LSS Leadership Award in 2013

Pamela Gordon, Technology
Forecasters, President

Frances Kennedy, Ph.D., Clemson
University School of Accounting
& Finance Interim Director

Thomas Pyzdek, Pyzdek
Institute, LLC, President

 Bill Waddell, President,
Waddell Manufacturing

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Globalizing Lean & Six Sigma Knowledge

Creating Global Consistency in Lean & Six Sigma 

The Lean & Six Sigma World Organization (LSS World) is aiming to create the leading international forum for consensus and expert based information on Lean, Six Sigma, and all related tools and techniques for process improvement. Furthermore, the organization’s goal is to coalesce the latest and most effective best practices in Lean & Six Sigma. It will bring together the field’s top authorities and the world’s practitioners to create a consistent, yet evolving, set of best practices and standards for certification.

The Organization shall facilitate a vibrant community dedicated to improving quality, productivity, efficiency, and safety in organizations throughout the world. In order to achieve these goals, the Lean & Six Sigma World Organization shall:

  1. Create a widely accessible forum for world-wide contributions and exchange of ideas on Lean, Six Sigma, and other improvement principles worldwide
  2. Facilitate most democratic, international, consensus-based, Lean & Six Sigma resource available to develop a common set of evolving best practices, guidelines and standards to reduce variation and inconsistency in areas such as:
  • Terminology; 
  • Training curriculum; 
  • Certification requirements; 
  • Applications of methods and principles; and other related areas
  • Discuss issues that relate to all Lean Six Sigma and improvement professionals
  • Provide free sources of videos, training, templates and case studies

What Makes Lean & Six Sigma World Organization Different?

  • Democratic organization open to anyone in the world
  • Provides real-time information as it evolves and changes
  • It facilitates and offers most democratic, consensus based resource available
  • Independent organization, not representative of one group
  • Attempting to do what no one has done before: Attempt to standardize terminology, curriculum and other areas of variation
  • Uses crowd-based polling to provide prioritized rankings on hard-to-standardize terminology, curriculum, certification requirements and other areas of variation
  • Becoming a one-stop resource for Lean & Six Sigma
  • Free or inexpensive to reap the benefits

    Topics Under Consideration

    Our goal is to develop guidelines for Lean & Six Sigma based on consensus-based survey approach for dealing with challenging questions such as:

    • What topics should be included in a Black Belt or Green Belt course? 
    • There are no minimum and recommended standards for the amount of time and content for Black Belt and Green Belt courses. What topics should be mandatory, recommended, or optional.  Are there minimum required times for training?
    • What is definition of “cycle time?” Ask five different people same question and get five different answers.  No word in Lean & Six Sigma is used so many different ways and created more confusion than “cycle time. “ Sometimes it is used as a process time, sometimes a rate, sometimes something else.  Even one book or training may use it four different ways.

    Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training International Standard Buy Now

    Invitation to participate in the development of the new Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

    The LSS Word Organization is starting to develop a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Standard.  If you are a Lean & Six Sigma professional, you are invited to participate in the development of the new standard.  If you are interested, please respond to this questionnaire.
    Click here to apply


    The purpose is to create a specific community for Lean & Six Sigma professionals and give all members to participate.


    LSS World Membership Levels
    Professional Member

    Voting Privileges; $24
    Entitles you to:

    1. Post your profile and certification levels in the Lean & Six Sigma World Directory
    2. Have access to Lean & Six Sigma Learning Resources
    3. Become a voting member of the Lean & Six Sigma World Organization

    Associate Member
    Non-Voting; Free
    Entitles you to:

    1. Post your profile and certification levels in the Lean & Six Sigma World Directory
    2. Have access to Lean & Six Sigma Learning Resources

    You will have all the privileges of benefiting from the knowledge base, except you will not be able to vote on issues under consideration.

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